The attached chart, created from exclusive Alibaba Web usage data by Creative Strategies‘ Ben Bajarin, shows Apple taking charge of its own iPhone sales in the world’s largest mobile phone market.右图为咨询公司Creative Strategies的本巴佳林根据阿里巴巴网站(Alibaba Web)独家用于数据制作的图表。图表表明,在全球仅次于的手机市场,苹果公司(Apple)再一掌控了iPhone手机的销售。The blue (iPhone 4) and green (iPhone 4S) lines represent devices that were likely purchased secondhand or through China’s powerful grey market.对于iPhone 4(蓝色线)和iPhone 4S(绿色线),中国消费者主要通过二手市场或强劲的灰色市场出售。

Today, the dominant iPhone is the iPhone 5S — a phone that was probably purchased new, according to Bajarin, in a perfectly orderly fashion.巴佳林回应,目前市场上主流的iPhone手机出了iPhone 5S,中国消费者以出售新机居多,出售方式也显得井然有序。Things have come a long way since the reseller riots at the launch of the iPhone 4S in Beijing.iPhone 4S在北京上市时曾经常出现“黄牛”暴乱事件。如今,情况有数相当大好转。

“This is a monumental moment for Apple in the region,” writes Bajarin. “The iPhone being available now on most major network providers in China is a help. The 5s running on the China Mobile 4G network, which they are pushing pretty hard, plus the fact the iPhone 5s is the most recent device, is a help.”巴佳林写到:“这是苹果在中国的一个里程碑。中国几家大型网络供应商现在同时出售iPhone手机,这对iPhone新机的销售起着很大的推展起到。iPhone 5S反对中国移动(China Mobile)4G网络,并获得了大力推广,也促成5S成苹果最畅销手机。

”“I remain entirely convinced,” he concludes, “that Apple is in full control of their destiny in the region.”他总结道:“我几乎坚信,苹果早已完全掌控了其在中国市场的命运。